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  Date   Description File Size
Apr-15-11 Astral Masters 1.91 amsetup.exe 8.3Mb
Apr-15-11 Astral Masters 1.91 (Italian) amsetup191it.exe 8.3Mb
Mar-26-08 French translation patch PatchFr.exe 1.1Mb
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amsetup.exe - 8.3Mb
Astral Masters 1.91

amsetup191it.exe - 8.3Mb
Astral Masters 1.91 (Italian)

Nothing happened...


May-14-22 00:00 by Janne
Error:Cannot connect to server.
Dec-28-21 13:23 by dyrtydog
Astral Masters on Steam!
Oct-19-21 12:12 by Cooler

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