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Version 1.8 has released

New version - 1.8 has released!

It contains 12 new premium cards, while old premium cards became regular cards and now they're available for all players.

Beside new cards, new version features some small improvements:

- You can see your mental power in your profile along with mental progress bar which shows how soon your MP will grow.

- Sharp font when the game image is stretched (to improve readability).

- Stretching with maintaining of aspect ratio (for wide screens).

- More reliable login procedure (for non-stable internet connection).

- A duel will start immediately if proposed to a player who is in "Autosearch" state.


Version 1.7 released

Astral Masters 1.7 released!

To update the game just connect to the game server. This is the easiest way, but if it doesn't work, you can download and install the game installation package over previous version. This will keep all your settings and registration info.


New version - 1.6!

Version 1.6 was released. It contains 4-colored decks for classic mode, stable internet conenction and balance improvements. It also contains auto-update feature, so you won't need to download update patches anymore to play online :) And we'll be able to update the game more often.


Version 1.5 is released!

Version 1.5 is released.
To update your game copy please use an update patch. If you have registered game copy, patching will not break it. Please specify proper path to previously installed game when patching. If the game looks like unregistered, check if you're running "masters.exe" file.


Version 1.5 is coming...

New game version is almost out. But you can try it right now, beta-version is available here:
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amsetup.exe - 8.3Mb
Astral Masters 1.91

amsetup191it.exe - 8.3Mb
Astral Masters 1.91 (Italian)

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